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MASSIMODECARLO Pièce Unique is delighted to present Negative Pyramid by Sol LeWittin collaboration with the Sol LeWitt Estate. 

First exhibited in Paris in 1997 at Lucio Amelio’s Pièce Unique gallery located in rue Jacques Callot, this is the first time the work returns to Paris since its first presentation. Repetition, method, and geometry are the cornerstones of LeWitt’s practice. In his 1999 essay Paragraphs on conceptual art, Lewitt explains that “using a simple form repeatedly narrows the field of the work and concentrates the intensity to the arrangement of the form. This arrangement becomes the end while the form becomes the means.” 

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Sol LeWitt

Concrete blocks
120 × 240 × 200 cm / 47 1/4 × 94 1/2 × 78 2/3 inches